Fun With Fonts!

New DFP Icon Animals 14

Being self employed has given me a lot of creative, fun time to get crazy and explore ideas, scribbles and such to expand my horizons and work. I am a font addict….Hi I’m Missy and I love fonts!

Anyhoo, I had some time to play and have been wanting to challenge myself to come up with some really stand out designs and graphics for my national pet art inspiration initiative, I use pet themed art as inspiration pieces to raise awareness for animals in need and work to inspire others to get busy helping animals too. It started as just a little painting project where I painted 80 dogs’ portraits from across the country and beyond and shared their stories of rescue.

DFP New Facebook Cover

Well, almost 50,000 followers later, Dogs for the Paws is becoming the stand out site for pet art and inspiration. I work to engage, entertain and educate others on the issues and information to help animals in need. It also promotes the creative initative of #ArtGives2 Animals or #AG2A that is becoming a tagline for the DFP message and group.

AG2A Graphic

With a large social following I continue to challenge myself creatively and with a widely popular social site, what an amazing outlet I have to share my work and passion. So every year I work to come up with a new style of design or illustration to share and post across my social sites from Facebook cover to Pinterest. The designs usually have a message to them and I make them uniquely creative and eye catching as well. This is my winning formula…Animals+Art=SUCCESS!

Enjoy how I have fun with fonts. Well it’s really just one font but what fun it was to play!

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