I Always Dig a Little Inspiration

DigSouth Graphic

This weekend in Charleston there is going to be an inaugural event called the Dig South Interactive Festival. It celebrates the growing creative and technology hub of Charleston, South Carolina where I live as well as the Southeast. People are calling this movement and area the  “Silicon Harbor” and building on the ideas of helping unite the creative, web, and technology worlds into a growing community. A great group of people had this idea and just a little over a year ago, Dig South was established. It’s a mash up of web, arts, technology and music events happening over two days around the Charleston area.


The speakers and Sideshow music line up are amazing and offer everyone the opportunity to learn, share and network together around Charleston at a variety of venues.  I am attending the Expo event to meet and greet with other companies and groups, to introduce Art & Dog Design to them since I am a new startup business. The event has a huge program that runs daily for the two days. They have numerous music and entertainment groups within the SideShow, for after parties and fun after the daily sessions and workshops.

I’ve been reading and keeping up with all the fun Dig South has been sharing across social media and so excited to experience this new and much anticipated event. I am looking forward to getting more involved in my community and growing my business network with this great opportunity to meet them at Dig South! Thanks Dig South for starting the conversation and your inspiration to a start up creative!

You can check out all the fun of Dig South here…

Dig South

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  1. Hello Missy,
    I was sitting on my lunch break today looking through my Skirt Magazine that I enjoy so much and walla there you are!! Congratulations on successfully becoming an entrepreneur! I wish you great success. I had no idea you are as talented as your website shows off your creative style! I would love to talk to you when your available. Take care for now Robin Hackworth

    1. Hey Robin
      Thanks for the comment and for checking out my site. Yep, jumped on the doing my own thing train and what a wild ride it has been! Just like you, I love what I do and so happy it showcases on the site. Call me anytime. Would love to catch up with you too! Thanks again…so sweet of you to say Hi!!!

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