Who You Callin’ Sketchy?

ADD New 2014 FB Cover

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to dust off the website and freshen it up for twenty zero one four! I don’t know about other art friends but I have always kept some type of sketchbook to keep my scribbles and such contained and easily accessible. It’s almost an addiction and I’m always on the hunt for the next cool sketchbook to try out. A few times I have even dabbled with paper samples and such to create a more custom sketchbook.  They are fun and FedEx Kinkos or any local copy center are always around to bind them for me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 1.37.05 AM

I am so into sketchbooks that I even participated in the national Sketchbook Project a few years ago. You sign up to design a sketchbook that goes on tour with a bunch of other sketchbooks from all over. They make stops in different cities so visitors to the event can read all the sketchbooks involved in the tour. Out of the thousands and thousands of books I only had one person read mine! So that was my five seconds of fame but it was still a fun experience. They give you a moleskin book to work in.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 1.36.50 AM

Anyhoo, being a scribbler from way back it just inspired me to freshen up the ADD site as well as my social sites with a sketchy style. I’m always finding fun little things to scribble and sketch in my book. It’s funny what you see and run across in your daily adventures that catches your eye or gives you an idea for that next new design. Hope you find a little inspiration here at Art & Dog Design so then you will have to give me a call so we can get sketchy together on your next creative project!!!

Stay Sketchy My Friends!!!

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Fun With Fonts!

New DFP Icon Animals 14

Being self employed has given me a lot of creative, fun time to get crazy and explore ideas, scribbles and such to expand my horizons and work. I am a font addict….Hi I’m Missy and I love fonts!

Anyhoo, I had some time to play and have been wanting to challenge myself to come up with some really stand out designs and graphics for my national pet art inspiration initiative, http://www.dogs4thepaws.com. I use pet themed art as inspiration pieces to raise awareness for animals in need and work to inspire others to get busy helping animals too. It started as just a little painting project where I painted 80 dogs’ portraits from across the country and beyond and shared their stories of rescue.

DFP New Facebook Cover

Well, almost 50,000 followers later, Dogs for the Paws is becoming the stand out site for pet art and inspiration. I work to engage, entertain and educate others on the issues and information to help animals in need. It also promotes the creative initative of #ArtGives2 Animals or #AG2A that is becoming a tagline for the DFP message and group.

AG2A Graphic

With a large social following I continue to challenge myself creatively and with a widely popular social site, what an amazing outlet I have to share my work and passion. So every year I work to come up with a new style of design or illustration to share and post across my social sites from Facebook cover to Pinterest. The designs usually have a message to them and I make them uniquely creative and eye catching as well. This is my winning formula…Animals+Art=SUCCESS!

Enjoy how I have fun with fonts. Well it’s really just one font but what fun it was to play!

“Living the Dream…Is A Learning Experience”

Wigglebutt Warriors Comic StripSo I am in month eleven of business and it has been an interesting and humbling experience. My nephew asked me if I was loving “living the dream” the other day on the phone and my reply was…”well it’s a learning experience”!


It is fun to say ADD is in it’s eleventh month of business and it has been quite an experience. I am basically starting over in my career since I spent all my working years employed with companies so that no one really knew my name. I started working in Charleston in 1987 after graduating from college and it’s funny to meet people who don’t know me, but when I mention an event they may know and actually do end up owning one or two of my ad promotional items or tshirt designs from over the years. What a high that used to be when you would see something you designed on a person or hanging up in a store.


Anyhoo, it has been quite a learning experience to reach out to new clients and attempt to drum up business. I am proud to say that it is getting easier and boy have I learned a lot! I do stay busy with my national pet/art site dogs4thepaws.com. It’s amazing how many doors have opened from working with social media and bringing Dogs for the Paws to the social channels as well as bringing fun and a unique approach to helping animals in need through art and design. Too bad on the paying front that most of these opportunities don’t pay monetarily but in product. The product factor is good since I have four fuzzy co-workers who like treats and toys!

Tides PetSafe Graphic

Many of my jobs that do come through are from the exposure Dogs for the Paws has given me and my art. It’s so funny that I can’t seem to break into design channels here in my hometown of Charleston, SC but people know my work from coast to coast and beyond. I’ve been featured in numerous online and printed magazines and blogs, Dogs for the Paws is a national award winning site and my work has attracted the attention of fans worldwide.


Then why is it so difficult to break into the local market? I can sketch, scribble, illustrate, cartoon, brainstorm, design and get graphic with the best of them! I guess that is a question for another day. Hi  I’m Missy…and I’m living the dream!

Art is Fun and I’ll Prove it to YOU!


 Art & Dog Design is bringing the FUN back to working with an artist and making the world and your next project better than you could have ever imagined! Now, don’t let the Dog in Art & Dog scare you…Need a logo, upcoming event design, caricatures, marketing collateral, apparel and more…then give Art & Dog Design ( yes that is right…ADD ) a shout, woof, meow, flare, toot, howl, yell, text or email…so your next special project will stand out from your competition and give your brand, event and marketing that extra special something that all great design delivers!


ADD is a full service design company offering a unique artistic arsenal of media and techniques that stand apart from the others.  From pen and ink illustration to brand/logo creation, Art & Dog makes it affordable and convenient for every individual, the Cast of Army Wives, companies, the Ellen Show, school choirs, pet rescue groups, the Hawaiian Islands, Motley Crue, grand parents, Bill Murray, Moms, soccer coaches, the Duck Dynasty Dudes, musicians, organizations, cities, states and the World to all have the ability to get creative, showcase and build what they are selling, promoting and passionate about with stand out custom design that “draws” a crowd!

Final TCTC Logo

There is no end to what can be sketched ( yes, some of us still do sketch ) and created so bring  those cocktail napkins, scraps of toliet paper, bus tickets, smart phones, Etch-A-Sketch, tablets, notepads, hands, post its, and whatever else is your mode for brainstorming and let’s get creative today! Art is Fun and I’ll Prove it to YOU!

I Always Dig a Little Inspiration

DigSouth Graphic

This weekend in Charleston there is going to be an inaugural event called the Dig South Interactive Festival. It celebrates the growing creative and technology hub of Charleston, South Carolina where I live as well as the Southeast. People are calling this movement and area the  “Silicon Harbor” and building on the ideas of helping unite the creative, web, and technology worlds into a growing community. A great group of people had this idea and just a little over a year ago, Dig South was established. It’s a mash up of web, arts, technology and music events happening over two days around the Charleston area.


The speakers and Sideshow music line up are amazing and offer everyone the opportunity to learn, share and network together around Charleston at a variety of venues.  I am attending the Expo event to meet and greet with other companies and groups, to introduce Art & Dog Design to them since I am a new startup business. The event has a huge program that runs daily for the two days. They have numerous music and entertainment groups within the SideShow, for after parties and fun after the daily sessions and workshops.

I’ve been reading and keeping up with all the fun Dig South has been sharing across social media and so excited to experience this new and much anticipated event. I am looking forward to getting more involved in my community and growing my business network with this great opportunity to meet them at Dig South! Thanks Dig South for starting the conversation and your inspiration to a start up creative!

You can check out all the fun of Dig South here…

Dig South

Clever’s My Middle Name!

IMG_4766Ok so I don’t even have a middle name…but that’s a story for another time… let’s get back to the fact that I make clever so simple! With all the years I’ve spent working in busy Art Departments, creating a bevy of art from simple logo designs, and cartoons, to a retail line sold in Margaritaville stores across the country, if you can think it, I can bring your ideas to reality. I have no trouble working with that crumpled cocktail napkin scribble. The clever part of my brain looks past what the idea is scribbled on and gets to work on the building that idea into a reality!


Here’s a sampling of my unique “eye candy” representing all the different subjects and styles of design and illustration I offer. I’m what you might call an “old school sketcher” since I still love to draw an scribble when I work on a project. There isn’t much I can’t draw with a little research. The variety of clients and projects are always a challenge but that is the best kind of design fun! The best is the final project completed and I get the nicest email or call from the client to tell me how perfect everything worked out. This makes me happy happy!

Website Art B

And along with your main logo, event design or graphic you need created, I can also help you present it on everything from tees to cards. Need an attention getter promotion for an upcoming special event…well don’t wait give me a shout and let’s brainstorm and have some art fun!

Ruff Ride 2012 Tshirt Color Suggestions

Here are some samples of the many different graphics and designs for the numerous pet clients and companies I work with around the country and beyond through Dogs for the Paws. Designs with color and strong graphics make a statement and get everyone excited to get involved or raise funds. Great design = Big Impact and Funds!!!

Website Art A

So being the detailed creative that I am, I work very closely with each client so that we achieve all the goals required for their project. I’ve designed everything from cups to embroidered garments so I will help walk you through the entire design process from beginning sketches to final presentation boards if needed. It really is that simple.

Waddle Presentation Sheets

Now you know who you can call for all your creative needs. Let’s make your next project, product or event be clever, unique and a stand out success! That’s me, Missy “Clever” Johnson of Art & Dog Design! Come on let’s get clever together!

Art & Dog Design is Definitely Your Type!

Palmetto PT Cruisers Logo

I am one of the lucky ones who have the opportunity to share my colorful creativity with clients and such through my art business.  It’s great to network and work with new clients, help a group with a social media graphic or work on challenging my art.  I try to make my days and those of my clients as colorful and creative as possible.

UC Table Cover

I worked many years as a Graphic Designer in the screenprinting/ad promotionals/resort apparel field which tested my talents daily, to bring strong design to client projects and products, that attract attention, and make people want to purchase and wear them.  Whether it is a resort tee in a Hawaiian tourist shop or an event design for the Bahamas Billfish Tournament, my unique designs do “draw a crowd”!


With color, layout, and type, a design can “speak” without saying a word.  These are the elements and work of a skilled designer. A cool tshirt graphic, colorful illustration, or a fun design made from different fonts do speak out to those that enjoy them.  Great design attracts, engages and is enjoyed by all who share it or wear it.


Finding an artist, who is your “type” can be a frustrating search. There are a lot of creative people in the World and to find that one special person that brings your ideas to life can be a difficult one. A name on the end of an email, a friend knows a friend of a friend who might be an artist, etc…

Well, don’t give up the search…and never fear…Art & Dog Design is here! Work with an artist who is definitely your “type”!

And if I’m not…I’ve got a friend of a friend of friend of a friend….who probably won’t be much help!! LOL! Now let’s get creative!

Hello World! It’s Me….Missy!


Well hello World…It’s me, Missy Johnson artist, illustrator, pet lover, dog parent, amateur crafter, award winner, rescue volunteer, nature lover, turtle addict , dolphin lover, football fan, beach freak, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and able to get creative in a signal bound!!


In 2009 when I started painting the original 80 pet portraits of my national pet art site, Dogs for the PAWS, I never dreamed how far it would go and who might even follow it. I worked a full time job during the day and let my passion to help animals and get back to my favorite pastime of portrait painting take over my nights and weekends for over 503 days give or take an hour or two!  I wanted to do something larger than life and help animals with my art.  It’s now almost 4 years later and Dogs for the PAWS is working it’s way across the country and beyond with my special little creative touch attached to it’s tail!  With the overwhelming response to the art work of DFP I have now started this new art venture , Art & Dog Design. Through ADD( yes those are the initials) I offer design and illustration services from custom event art, fundraising design, custom cards, retail design, logo creation, portraits( people & pets) and special projects like Dogs for the Paws to everyone from coast to coast and beyond. It’s not always about the dogs around here that’s just the  catchy name!


With The growing success of DFP, my colorful and unique designs have been featured in numerous online and printed publications from FIDO Friendly Magazine, Lowcountry Dog Magazine, PeoplePets.com, DogTipper.com and Life+Dog magazine. My work has been used across the country at rescue events in California and Arizona to press events in South Carolina and Canada. I work from my home studio in Charleston, South Carolina aka the Art & Dog Design “Secret Lair” and with social media and email, at my fingertips there’s no creative challenge I can’t tackle!  In the “Page” section here on the site  you can read a little more about my history and who I’ve created work for over my busy design career.


I offer stand out designs that are proven sellers and make great fundraisers too.  A project usually takes a few weeks to create so please allow plenty of time and schedule early!  Design and illustration charges are affordable and I have over 24 years of working as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I am proud to say that my work has raised thousands of dollars for animals in need across the nation!  I am also a “Gold Seller” on Zazzle.com where I manage a couple of online shops for the Dogs for the PAWS brand that fans and collectors can purchase my work.

So even though the name is kind of funny….you know you like the cool dog icon and are intrigued and want to work with me no matter what!  Hey, I like the way you think!

So what are you waiting for….”LET’S GET CRAZY CREATIVE TODAY!”